Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1 year 1 day later

     So I'm back. Its been a really long time and I figured what the heck, plenty of things have changed now that reading this might be interesting.

     Well going off of the last thing I posted....with Preston's dad they ended up removing the whole tumor and found out it wasn't cancerous BUT the stupid thing grew back to the same size within 3 months. I did end up buying a car, I got a two door cavalier but I just gave that to my sister and hopefully I'll have a 4 door car soon. My pokemon essay I ended up getting a frickn C because I didn't dumb it down enough -__-.

      New things! So I have switched schools and I am now going for massage therapy and I love it, I'm actually pretty good at it too. Preston I ended up breaking up for a while but now we're back together so it'll almost be 3 years now. Crazy! His mom just had emergency surgery but everything went well and she is healing pretty nicely ah and last but not least......I'M HAVING A BABY! =D

      Preston and I are expecting a baby girl on Feb 4th and neither of us could be happier. We didn't plan it of course but we're both making the best of it and really really excited for her to come. We don't have any names picked out yet but I'm sure we'll come up with something ^__^. So thats pretty much the most exciting thing happening in my life hehe. Here are some picture of her and me.

 People say I'm still really small but my doctor said I gained too much weight

There she is =D