Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1 year 1 day later

     So I'm back. Its been a really long time and I figured what the heck, plenty of things have changed now that reading this might be interesting.

     Well going off of the last thing I posted....with Preston's dad they ended up removing the whole tumor and found out it wasn't cancerous BUT the stupid thing grew back to the same size within 3 months. I did end up buying a car, I got a two door cavalier but I just gave that to my sister and hopefully I'll have a 4 door car soon. My pokemon essay I ended up getting a frickn C because I didn't dumb it down enough -__-.

      New things! So I have switched schools and I am now going for massage therapy and I love it, I'm actually pretty good at it too. Preston I ended up breaking up for a while but now we're back together so it'll almost be 3 years now. Crazy! His mom just had emergency surgery but everything went well and she is healing pretty nicely ah and last but not least......I'M HAVING A BABY! =D

      Preston and I are expecting a baby girl on Feb 4th and neither of us could be happier. We didn't plan it of course but we're both making the best of it and really really excited for her to come. We don't have any names picked out yet but I'm sure we'll come up with something ^__^. So thats pretty much the most exciting thing happening in my life hehe. Here are some picture of her and me.

 People say I'm still really small but my doctor said I gained too much weight

There she is =D

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Not much to say

I didn't get any blood on Yuffie...surprisingly lol. She was pretty chill about the whole thing. I got a decent amount of candy and yes it is fun when you mess with little kids...even though I didn't mean to haha. I honestly don't have much to say...though hopefully this week I'll be buying my car. I'll post an update of that as soon as it happens and unfortunately I'm still waiting for my pokemon essay....not really sure why its taking this long but its BS. Oh and Preston's dad is now going to get a needle biopsy for his cancer so hopefully everything works out fine with that....ugh I hate waiting on important stuff like this.

I'll try to post more interesting post later when my mind isn't all aogidfgsd. Hope you guys have a good week!!!

 Vampire and Zombie eating...though it just looks like Preston and I are making out O_O
 haha I oddly look rather fat in this pic XD
 Preston killing me. *I was standing on his brothers back*
 I couldn't stop laughing....
hehe my hair matches the blood

Saturday, October 30, 2010

This is Halloween

To answer some of the questions on pumpkins. I don't really know how to keep pumpkins from going soft or rotten but mine is still holding up strong. I just scraped as much of the inside out as I could and doing that probably helped a lot since there would be less to rot. Also tips, when carving an awesome design or face, start with the small parts first. Like do the pumpkins eyes first that way it won't be so weak to push on if you do it last. I learned that the hard way with my last pumpkin. I hope you guys all carved at least one this year!!!

So today Preston, his brother and his brother's girlfriend, and I all went trick or treating. It was pretty fun. His brother was a vampire and the rest of us basically just coated ourselves in fake blood. It was awesome. One little kid even asked his parents if it was real. Then after we went trick or treating we went to waffle house which is always a good idea. I don't really have much to write about cuz my mind is still stressed out and fighting off depression....ugh. Okay well I shall leave you with some pictures. enjoy!!!

 Preston is a badass zombie =P
 us all bloody like
 don't worries, I didn't really eat my little Yuffie =D

Friday, October 29, 2010

Carved another pumpkin

So to relieve some stress, I thought I'd carve another pumpkin. So preston and I bought two more *one for me and one for my brother*. We saw these white ones so we were like hells yeah lets buy them! Bad frickn idea....I hate hate hate white pumpkins. The only good thing about them is the smell, they smell amazing, but other than that they suck. I had to cut the top piece 4 times before it would pop out and then it was just a huge bitch to carve. It was very hard to cut yet it cracked like none other. By the end of carving it I was certain my design was gonna break in half. I ended up with 4 cracks in it and I'm pretty sure the inside stuff is the only thing keeping it together. yeah this pumpkin was a fail, didn't help the stress at all. Okay well Im gonna go relax then bed. Night! <3

 everyone should know who this is!
my two kick ass pumpkins XD

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Preston's dad goes to Hershey tomorrow to talk to a surgeon about getting his cancerous lymph node removed. I hope the consultation goes well. When he has his actually surgery Preston and I will go up with his dad and mom. I'm really nervous about this and praying for the best. This situation has been on my mind non-stop since I found to help distract myself I bought another pumpkin, its white this time, to carve. Any ideas as to what I should carve in it? Preston suggested the tri-force and if I can't figure anything out I'll just do that. It would seem right since he has been playing zelda a lot lately.

Also thank you to the person that said they were praying for his dad and thanks to everyone else who wishes him the best. <3

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Carving Pumpkins!!!

My brother and I carved pumpkins tonight and it was pretty awesome. It was his first time and all went well. Though taking out the insides of the pumpkins is nasty haha.

Did you guys carve pumpkins this year, if so what did you make?

 This is mine. I painted the whole pumpkin black and it looks sweet at night. Do you know what it is?
My brothers pumpkin got sick  D=<

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lymphoma *Lymph Node Cancer*

Lymph nodes are the organs which are present within the body which are responsible for fighting with the infection and diseases. These lymph nodes have lymph fluid and white blood cells filled in them.
Cancer in lymph nodes is caused due to the abnormal growth of the white blood cells filled in them. This abnormal growth of white blood cells can be due to various reasons. Lymph nodes cancer is also known as lymphoma and can be accountable for 5 % of all the cancers.
Causes Of Lymph Node Cancer:
Some common causes of lymph node cancer are:
  • Hodgkin’s disease: It is the disease in which the cancer spreads in orderly manner from one lymph node to another. Cancer is nothing but an abnormal growth of the cells which results in destruction of the organ.
  • Non Hodgkin’s disease: This is the disease in which cancer spreads in the organs which are related to the cancer prone lymph node.
  • A Swollen Lymph Gland: This is the most common cause. Whenever a lymph node is swollen it is not always cancerous. There can be many reasons for the lymph nodes to swell. But if the swelling is ignored and not treated in time it could become cancerous too.
What Causes Lymph Node Cancer:
Lymph nodes are the important part of our immune system. Any kind of swelling which is noticed in any of the lymph nodes must be treated immediately or it may result in cancer in later stages. Although the main cause for lymph node cancer is not yet clearly known. But it is presumed that the virus which causes glandular fever is only responsible for lymph node cancer also.
The name lymph node cancer also came into existence because this virus affects lymph only. As these lymph are spread all over the body and are responsible for immunity in body these are very important. Infection in them damages whole immune system indirectly.
Role of lymph nodes in immune system: The lymph node organ is a collection of different types of cells. They are the filters which separate the foreign particles entering our body. The white blood cells present in this organ later kills these harmful particles using the oxygen present in our body. In this way, they play a pivotal role in the bodies defense mechanism, technically called the immune system.
Significance of lymph nodes in cancer: This organ is sensitive to any ailment in our body. It is because of the vital role played by this organ in protecting us from diseases. As a possible sign of its failure in protecting us from diseases, this organ swells. This is especially so in the case of cancers infecting us. The swelling of the lymph nodes provide vital information about the stage the cancer is in. Depending on this factor, physicians devise a pal of action to counter the cancer. The diagnosis of Lymph nodes is done through the technique of biopsy when they swell.
Important Facts about Lymph Node Cancer:
  • A rare form of lymph node cancer is the Hodgkin’s disease.
  • The age group prone to this cancer is 15-34 years or people aged over 55 years.
  • Genes have a role to play in spreading this disease to the future generations from the family members.
  • Early diagnosis and prevention of the spread of the cancer cells are the best means available to combat this cancer.
  • The Non-Hodgkin’s disease is the common type of lymph node cancer affecting the people mostly.

Thats the type of cancer Preston's dad has...I'm worried still and he is definitely like a father to me. Just keep him in your thoughts please. Also I just lost and Uncle this past summer due to cancer, and my Aunt is fighting stage 4 cancer right now. The doctors gave her a year and its their fault she has cancer. Honestly it is, they let her broken hip untreated for 4 months and the cells mutated and became cancer. Oh and Preston's Dad's dad is fighting off cancer right now too. Ugh I really hate cancer....I'm pretty sure my next tat will be "Fuck Cancer:"