Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lymphoma *Lymph Node Cancer*

Lymph nodes are the organs which are present within the body which are responsible for fighting with the infection and diseases. These lymph nodes have lymph fluid and white blood cells filled in them.
Cancer in lymph nodes is caused due to the abnormal growth of the white blood cells filled in them. This abnormal growth of white blood cells can be due to various reasons. Lymph nodes cancer is also known as lymphoma and can be accountable for 5 % of all the cancers.
Causes Of Lymph Node Cancer:
Some common causes of lymph node cancer are:
  • Hodgkin’s disease: It is the disease in which the cancer spreads in orderly manner from one lymph node to another. Cancer is nothing but an abnormal growth of the cells which results in destruction of the organ.
  • Non Hodgkin’s disease: This is the disease in which cancer spreads in the organs which are related to the cancer prone lymph node.
  • A Swollen Lymph Gland: This is the most common cause. Whenever a lymph node is swollen it is not always cancerous. There can be many reasons for the lymph nodes to swell. But if the swelling is ignored and not treated in time it could become cancerous too.
What Causes Lymph Node Cancer:
Lymph nodes are the important part of our immune system. Any kind of swelling which is noticed in any of the lymph nodes must be treated immediately or it may result in cancer in later stages. Although the main cause for lymph node cancer is not yet clearly known. But it is presumed that the virus which causes glandular fever is only responsible for lymph node cancer also.
The name lymph node cancer also came into existence because this virus affects lymph only. As these lymph are spread all over the body and are responsible for immunity in body these are very important. Infection in them damages whole immune system indirectly.
Role of lymph nodes in immune system: The lymph node organ is a collection of different types of cells. They are the filters which separate the foreign particles entering our body. The white blood cells present in this organ later kills these harmful particles using the oxygen present in our body. In this way, they play a pivotal role in the bodies defense mechanism, technically called the immune system.
Significance of lymph nodes in cancer: This organ is sensitive to any ailment in our body. It is because of the vital role played by this organ in protecting us from diseases. As a possible sign of its failure in protecting us from diseases, this organ swells. This is especially so in the case of cancers infecting us. The swelling of the lymph nodes provide vital information about the stage the cancer is in. Depending on this factor, physicians devise a pal of action to counter the cancer. The diagnosis of Lymph nodes is done through the technique of biopsy when they swell.
Important Facts about Lymph Node Cancer:
  • A rare form of lymph node cancer is the Hodgkin’s disease.
  • The age group prone to this cancer is 15-34 years or people aged over 55 years.
  • Genes have a role to play in spreading this disease to the future generations from the family members.
  • Early diagnosis and prevention of the spread of the cancer cells are the best means available to combat this cancer.
  • The Non-Hodgkin’s disease is the common type of lymph node cancer affecting the people mostly.

Thats the type of cancer Preston's dad has...I'm worried still and he is definitely like a father to me. Just keep him in your thoughts please. Also I just lost and Uncle this past summer due to cancer, and my Aunt is fighting stage 4 cancer right now. The doctors gave her a year and its their fault she has cancer. Honestly it is, they let her broken hip untreated for 4 months and the cells mutated and became cancer. Oh and Preston's Dad's dad is fighting off cancer right now too. Ugh I really hate cancer....I'm pretty sure my next tat will be "Fuck Cancer:"


  1. Thanks for the information, this helped a lot!

  2. I hope the treatment will be successful for him...

  3. I lost both my parents to cancer (brain and intestinal) and I sympathize with you and Preston in coping with loved ones that have it.

    Try to maintain your sense of humor.

  4. I'm sorry to hear that ='(

    and I don't know how....though his dad does. He is always crackn jokes. Like when he went to the hospital *it was his first time in the ER* and he was telling us how they found that, he said the moral of the story was to never go to hospitals cuz they always find something wrong with you. Sadly I think he'll keep the stress down...I love him ='((

  5. Nice info, was reading about cancer and it's basically a mutation of cells that doesn't have an auto destruct code and infects others so they end up causing great harm.

  6. I HATE CANCER. It really the worst thing disease wise and everything.

  7. He's in my thoughts and prayers, man. Cancer's a beast. Hope they can beat it. :(

  8. Check out the official "Fuck Cancer" website, complete with tshirts, mugs, and everything. All to a good cause. Saw this in my local paper.

  9. Hopefully none of us get cancer and they release a cure!