Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Last night Preston came over for his birthday. I homemade some chocolate mousse pie, which was amazing and got him some Sake which kinda tasted weird lol. I thought it was just gonna be us hanging out and that he would pick hanging out with me over the bar, but he decided to go to the bar with a friend. *which was fine* So I drove him 40min to meet his friend so they could go out, then I stayed at our friends house for 2hrs while they were out. They came back around 2 and he wanted to stay and play music but I wanted to leave since I had school but I let him stay. He finally left around 3am and I got home around 4am and went to bed. I was too tired this morning so I skipped English class and now I am finishing math homework cuz I have class at 4:30. So yes, hopefully his actual birthday, which is today, will be more fun for the both of us haha. So yeah sorry for the short post but I need to go get ready for class. You should stop by and wish him a happy 21st!

  Okay so I wrote that first half a while ago and forgot to post it hah, silly me. Bad news, Preston's birthday didn't get any better....we found out today that his dad has cancer...I of course couldn't stop crying off and on all day because his dad is amazing and is the best father figure I have ever had. Preston is holding up okay, he is always positive and we both fully believe his dad will beat it. So yeah....right now Preston went to the bar with my brother and I have to pick them up later. yay for being DD again XD

anyways here is Preston's link if you wanna wish him a happy 21st or whatever.

Enough said


  1. Good luck with everything. F*CK cancer indeed.

  2. Best of luck to ya! Cancer sucks :(

  3. That sucks :( i hope things get better for both of you

  4. Wishing Preston's father well here.
    I've had many relatives beat cancer.
    Tell Preston to keep his and his dads spirits high.

  5. Hell yes. Fuck cancer. And yay chocolate mousse pie.

  6. I'll wish him happy bday on his blog

  7. Wow, that kinda rains on your party. Well hopefully it all gets better :D

  8. great things this blog will achieve

  9. couldn't agree more!
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