Monday, September 27, 2010

College Life

Hm...where should I start? Well after being homeschooled since 4th grade and taking a year off after high school, I have finally started college. Nothing major, I'm just at a community college. Small yes, but it'll get me what I need with out having to pay back huge student loans for some University. As of now I'm taking English, Math, Psychology, and History of Western Art. I'd have to say Psychology is my favorite. Okay well enough about school. I'm still living with my mom and step-dad and having my boyfriend, Preston, stay with my through the week really helps with being here. Hmm...what else could I say for the first blog...oh I just took my kitten to the vet to get spayed...she is still doped up. Its sad...and the stupid vet jacked my bill up >_< oh well. Okay well I am going to go find something else to play Halo Reach or maybe finally I can play Left for Dead haha XD


  1. Good luck with school :) I voted in the poll too, but I've never played any of those games XD

  2. lol thanks and you totally should. Portal is pretty sweet