Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just life

So my little Yuffie *my kitten that just got spayed* is pretty much a champ haha. She couldn't even walk yesterday and when she tried to walk to her water bowl her back legs gave out and she just started to fall asleep, and today she is jumping around every where and attacking me like always. I doubt she even still needs her pain killers haha.

On another note, what do you think about relationships? As in boyfriend and girlfriend. I think it should just be between you two and you shouldn't let anyone influence it at all. But someone told me yesterday that basically your family should have a say in the matter which I think is just ridiculous. I'm not gonna let anyone tell me, family or not, who I can and can not date. I'm my own person and I should be allowed to make my own decisions.

Alright well I'm gonna add some pictures now. Enjoy =P

 This was me on Halloween of last year

 Preston cut and colored my hair =D

 Preston and I last fall. We have been together for almost 2yrs

 this is little monster haha named after Yuffie on Final Fantasy VII

 My koi tat, one of 4, it still needs touched up

Yuffie attacking the wii remote =P


  1. haha I love her...and you too XD

  2. Lol im following both you guys, anyway yeah I think family should have a say sometimes in your relationships, like when you're a kid and you KNOW you're in love, your parents have been there too and know that you only think you are. But other than just giving advice I dont think they should have a say in it. Unless my girlfriend like totally disrespects my family Ill stay with her

  3. haha I'm following both of you too...

    I think I'm in love with your koi tat! ♥.♥

    I agree with you on the relationship thing, relationships are a 2 people thing (in most cases =P) and no1 else but those 2 people should have a say on what they can or can't do. Personally, I've never liked to even tell my family who I'm dating. I just tell them I'm going out with someone and that's it, it's my problem.

  4. I agree with when you're a kid but if you're 19 years old I think you should be let to make your own choices about your love life.

    haha thanks =D the tat took 12-14hrs with 3 sittings. The pain was totally worth it. I can't wait to get my chest piece now haha.

    lol I think its funny that you both are folling Preston and I, I hope we are interesting or at least entertaining =P

  5. that tattoo is freakin awesome :O

  6. I love the costume you wore last year, and your cat is absolutely adorable. ;_;

  7. thanks =D *to both of you*
    and yeah she is very adorable, i'll most likely post a lot of pictures of her hehe